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  • Desktop License

Allows the installation of a font on personal computers and laptops.

  • Web License

allows you to specifically incorporate the font into a website or email.

  • Embedded Fonts License

Allows you to specifically distribute fonts to be used in physical products, from cars to medical devices as well as software programs.

  • Mobile Application License

 Authorizes only that fonts are incorporated into mobile phones and tablets applications.

  • E-PUB License

They cover exclusively the use in commercial publications such as books, magazines and graphic impressions online and offline.


  • Server License

Specifically embrace services on web and cloud platforms in the use of SAAS (Software as a service).​


All licenses have their specific use that restricts the use of font acquired for each purpose for a different purpose from the licensed, except if the seller, Galdino Otten Fontes, authorizes the change in the licensing contract.


  • When buying a license to use a font or a collection of fonts you recognize and understand and promise to meet your terms. This license is for the commercial use rights of font files in the ZIP extension, downloaded from the company Galdino Otten Fonts in its online store; You are not buying/licensing the copyright of the font design, you cannot subscribe, sell, lease or donate fonts.


  • Use Restricted in Alphabet Related Products

 You cannot create alphabet products or shape of resale, where the product consists of individual lyrics, including rubber stamps, cut products, stencil products or adhesive products in which Similarity to licensed fonts can be reproduced and the end user of these products cannot create their own type of fonts (more specifically this means that it is not allowed to create a new font from the licensed font).
Restrictions on Font Incorporation. Embedding a font for use in online digital media of the Internet (Web) is only allowed with a specific license inserted in the Zip file downloaded by the license buyer on


  • Broadcast Productions

Small and large cinematic, digital games (games): the use of the font in theaters, movies, video games, television (open), cable television or as part of any transmission work requires a specific license which will be included in the bought font zip file or fonts collection (fonts package) purchased from the Galdino Otten Fontes website:
Modifications. You can import font characters as graphic objects to a drawing program and modify these graphics objects. You cannot modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineering, decompile, disassemble or create derivative work based on Galdino Otten Fontes's own font to create a new font.


  • Copyright

The font and the accompanying materials are protected by copyright and contain owner information and commercial secrets belonging to Galdino Otten. Unauthorized copy of the product, even if modified, mixed or included in other software, or written materials, is expressly prohibited. You can be considered legally responsible for any violation of Galdino Otten intellectual property rights that are caused or encouraged by your failure to comply with the terms of this contract.


  • Duration

The validity of this license is effective until it is terminated. This contract will be automatically terminated without notice by Galdino Otten if you do not comply with any provision contained herein. After the end, you must destroy the written materials, the product and all copies of them, in part and all, including modified copies. When new fonts updates are made by Galdino Otten fonts are subject to additional value collection.


  • Responsibility Exemption

Galdino Otten makes no guarantee of any kind, expressed or implicit, even assumes no commitment to following any font style. Galdino Otten will not be responsible for you or any other person or entity for any general, special, direct, indirect, consequent, incidental or other damages resulting from the use of font software.

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