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Download all Galdino Otten Fonts
Download all Galdino Otten Fonts
Download  Galdino Otten Fonts


Our fonts were licensed around the world for cinematographic productions, TV series, advertising, product packaging, beverage labels and so on.

Best case - Old Press font

We will start telling our success story talking about Font Old Press, created in 2011 and already in 2012 was licensed to the movie "Savages", a production of Universal Pictures.

Cinema and TV series

The movie Lawless, 2014 used Font "Old Press" on Advertisements Online and Off Line as in posters and internet banners.

Oração do Amor Selvagem, Brazilian Production by Chico Faganello, 2015. Posters and subtitles.

Oracao do Amor Selvagem poster
cide Squad Poster.jpg

Suicide Squad, 2016 by Warner Bros licensed the font Old Press to use on subtitles.

"Love 101" is a TV show, 2021 Duration: 2 Seasons Netflix Production.

Old Press font is on the postres titles.

Love 101 series Netflix.png

Advertising, Labeling, and Packaging

In this case, the Font "Old Press" is placed as the main font on the packaging of the fries Tortilla chips by "Gringo Jack’s" Bar and Grill.

Gringo Jacks Tortilla Pack

Bucareto is an Italian winery company with refined taste, or in their words "is a raw style, essential, back to the basic, a lost integrity." They chose "Old Press Font" to express their feeling in the identity of their brand.

Bucareto Winery Website 2.png

The book "VERÃO DO MEDO" (Original title "Rachesommer") which was written by Andreas Gruber, award-winning Austrian specialist in fantasy literature, and published in Brazil in 2012 by Editora Europa has "Old Press" on its cover as the main font.

Cover of the Book  O Verao do Medo

Other fonts cases

The Western Bang Bang font that makes up the art of this elegant vegan distilled label "Jozsef Stevlik" producing in Austria and awarded in Europe, England (in renowned London pubs) as well as in New York.

Design label

I´m proud about my D-Day Stencil font immortalized on the cover of the book,"UN ÉTRANGER NOMMÉ PICASSO" written by the Algerian writer Annie Cohen-Solal and published in French by LES ÉDITIONS FAYARD in 2021 with cover design by the talented and renowned graphic artist Philippe Apeloig.

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